Holistic Birth Services

As a Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and a Birth and Postpartum Doula, let me help you navigate your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.

Whether you are looking for education, support, help with navigating your pregnancy, labor and postpartum time, I can help.
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Thriving Through Pregnancy
What does it mean to step into your power?
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Pregnancy and birth provide an amazing opportunity to step into your power precisely because it is a relatively unknown experience.

Each pregnancy is unique and full of new decisions that need to be made.  What resources do you have to make those decisions.

Join me and let me fill in the gaps of your own understanding of your body and the process and get armed with the information and resources needed to have a "Empowered Birth Experience".

  • Learn about your options
  • Step into your full potential and nourish your body and your baby
  • Learn ways to trust your body, your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and your journey

Services are Available for:
Choose what best suits your needs - we can develop a plan together
Pre and Postnatal Coaching
As a Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, let me guide you during your pregnancy and postpartum with support for nutrition, pregnancy related issues and concerns, workout programs and guidance for questions and concerns during this time.  
Exclusive Doula Care Package
A doula offers support and guidance during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  This Doula Support Package includes:
  • A minimum of prenatal 5 appointments to go over your birth plan and answer any questions prior to birth, educational support, etc.  (more are available if we need more time)
  • Becoming on-call immediately and available by phone 24/7
  • 3 Reiki/Chakra/Embodiment Sessions (during pregnancy and/or postpartum
  • Providing one-on-one support during active labor and immediately postpartum
  • 3 postpartum appointments to decompress birth process and to assess mother and baby's transition at home
  • Pre and Postnatal Coaching-includes nutritional support, fitness support and assessments and recommendations for any pregnancy related issues
  • Lactation home visit 

Sacred Doula Care Package
This Doula Support Package includes:
  • 1 prenatal appointment to go over your birth plan and answer any questions prior to birth
  • Becoming on-call immediately and available by phone 24/7
  • Providing one-on-one support during active labor and immediately postpartum
  • 1 postpartum appointment to decompress birth process and assess mother and baby's transition at home
  • 3 distance or in-person Reiki/Chakra/Embodiment Sessions
  • Blessingsway Ceremony

Doula Care
This Doula Package Includes:
  • 2 Prenatal appointments to go over your birth plan and answer any questions prior to birth
  • Becoming on-call immediately and available by phone 24/7
  • Providing one-on-one support during active labor and immediate postpartum.
  • 1 postpartum appointment to decompress birth process and assess mother and baby's transition at home.

Holistic Birth Program
This two-part program will give you all the tools you need to connect with your inner wisdom, prepare to manage discomforts during pregnancy, labor and postpartum as well as helping you understand that giving birth is more than simply a physical process, you’re ready to explore the spiritual aspects of birth and learn the benefits of balancing the chakras as you prepare to welcome your baby.

First, you will receive the Level 1 Attunement for Reiki.  Here you will learn how Reiki energy can prepare your body for birth and help with the issues common to pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period.
The second part consists of learning how the chakra system can prepare you for pregnancy, labor and postpartum by learning the following:

  • The essential energies of the chakras, how they support  pregnancy and giving birth
  • Greater confidence to make empowered birth choices
  • Tools to feel more prepared and balanced for birthing
  • Connection with new insights and spiritual awareness  for birth and beyond
  • How to strengthen the mother-baby bond
  • Relaxing meditations and visualizations
  • To feel ready for birthing and excited to welcome your baby!

Reiki Doula
A Reiki Doula provides for up to two hours during your labor, no matter what time of day and on-call 24/7 at the time of registration.  Reiki can provided at a distance if we are not local to each other.  A Reiki Doula provides a Reiki blessing for your birthroom and then directs the Reiki to the birthing mom to ease tension and relax into her contractions, melting away the cervix.  When you are ready for your Reiki, a member of your birth team calls me to let me know you are ready to receive Reiki.  If any information comes up during the session that may help your progress, I'll let your birth team know.  This is a wonderful way to bless your birth without adding another individual in the birth room.
Reiki (Doula) Birth Coach
A Reiki Birth Coach provides weekly coaching calls, weekly distance Reiki sessions and for up to four hours of Reiki during your labor, no matter what time of day and on-call at the time of registration.  This is a monthly fee in preparation for birth.
Reiki Embodiment Session
Embodiment sessions are available for anyone that has experienced a difficult or challenging birth; anyone on the fertility journey; and anyone who has experienced loss of female organs prematurely and for those experiencing postpartum depression or the loss of a pregnancy or child; experiencing health issues or has been experiencing anxiety any type of PTSD .  Using multiple tools and body work, we will work to identify and release any fear, pain or trauma you are experiencing as a result of these issues.  These sessions are also helpful to those who are pregnant allowing us to work at anything that may be released prior to birth so your childbirth experience can be more empowering.  These sessions are available in person, via skype or phone.

Reiki Session for Pregnancy and Postpartum
Reiki can reduce stress, relax the body and mind promoting health and healing.  Reiki has demonstrated many positive outcomes during pregnancy and postpartum including:

  • Recusing nausea
  • Reducing lower back aches and pain
  • Calming the mind and relaxing the pelvic muscles and reducing delivery pain.
  • Having a positive effect on the baby in the womb.
  • Relieving depression during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Help with stress postpartum having a positive effect on breast milk.
  • Increasing the spiritual connection between mom and baby.
  • Is known to relieve the emotional stress that occurs when a new baby comes into the family.
  • Having a positive effect on the newborn's sleep.
Sessions can be done in-person or through a distance session.

Blessingways Ceremony
Blessingsways Ceremony:  A Blessinsgways Ceremony honors women becoming mothers.  The ceremony called a Blessingsways creates space  to come together as a support circle for the expecting mother, and bless the way ahead for her. It is a web woven of the most trusted and cherished women in her life. Those who will provide a loving place where she can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches her journey into motherhood.

We can develop a ceremony for the expecting mom, and I will come and do the ceremony for you.
Now available!  Nesting Parties!  
Nesting Parties are designed to nurture the new parents.  It can be and addition to or alternative to the traditional Baby Shower.  It can also be combined with the Blessingways Ceremony.

Nesting Parties focuses on preparing the home and the family for their new baby.  It provides the help with getting all the tasks completed before the baby is born.

Things like organizing the nursery, deep cleaning, creating a meal train, providing postpartum items, assembling the crib and other baby items, setting up diaper stations, creating activity kits for the other siblings, help with unfinished projects.

You can learn more about nesting parties here!

Partner Support
This program is designed to help the partner support the birthing mom.

It consists of three appointments where we will review:
  • Stages for labor and delivery
  • Timing of contractions and using this information as a guideline for how labor is progressing
  • Comfort measures to support the mom
Are you ready to change the landscape of your pregnancy - shifting between being a passive participant to being a confident and engaged participant?  One who knows exactly what to do?  By engaging in your pregnancy on a whole new level, you take charge of how you show up and actively affect the outcome.

Each day decisions you make along the way can make a positive or negative impact on your pregnancy.  I can help show you the way to positive impacts with your pregnancy in preparation for birth and parenting.

By caring for yourself from the thoughts and intentions you hold at the forefront of your mind to the foods you eat, to the ways you move your glorious body and in how you interact with your provider and the system in which you are receiving that care - you will be confident and empowered in your birth.

Growing in confidence, clarity, health and well-being each and every day so you are capable and prepared to have an empowering birth, is my desire for you.
Now Available - Use Your HSA/FSA Cards for Payment of Birth and Postpartum Care
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Packages Can be Planned for Your Needs
Choose which options are best for you and we can create a custom-made plan for you!